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Bescherm jezelf tijdens de Week van de Teken

Protect yourself during Tick Week

From April 22 to 26 is Tick Week. Last week was a period in which extra attention was paid to preventing tick bites and tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease. Approximately 1.5 million people in the Netherlands are bitten by ticks every year. About 27 thousand people get Lyme disease as a result. A smaller number are affected by other tick-borne diseases such as tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). This awareness week is organized by Stigas, in collaboration with numerous other organizations , and is aimed at everyone who works in the green sector and lovers of nature.

Information remains essential

A Stigas poll showed last year that many workers in the agricultural and green sector already receive information about the safe removal of ticks. Yet it appears that there is still much to be gained. Companies can pay more attention to making clear agreements, assessing risks and providing protective equipment against ticks. In addition, there is a need for more information about preventing tick bites. For those who work in nature, prevention of tick bites remains essential.

Go well prepared!

During this week there will be plenty of attention for ticks on websites and in newsletters of participating organizations. Many companies provide education and share information materials online to increase awareness and prevent tick bites. At Green Vitality we believe in the importance of prevention and natural solutions. Discover our prevention methods and natural products that can help protect against tick bites and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Annelies Hendriks