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The relationship between being vital and healthy

Vitality and Health

A vital person is bursting with energy, experiences positivity, has great mental resilience, is resilient, feels strong and fit, and is motivated. Your vitality directly affects your health. The two are closely linked and complement each other in a cyclical process. One is energy and life force, the other is the general state of the body and mind. If you are healthy, you are free from disease and discomfort.

The basis of vitality

Good health is the basis for vitality. Because the body and mind work best when they are free from illness and discomfort. To ensure strong vitality, it is necessary to make certain choices. Pursue a healthy lifestyle. This means paying attention to what you eat, exercising regularly and getting enough rest.

The influence on your health

Good vitality can contribute to your health. For example, it stimulates your immune system. It therefore increases your resistance to pathogens and can strengthen your skin barrier. Your mindset and resistance to stress can also improve thanks to your vitality. People who are vital generally feel more energetic, happier and more resilient. This will benefit your overall well-being.

Healthy food

Good, healthy food is a basic need and condition for feeling vital.
A healthy diet is not only important for our physical health
in the broadest sense, but also influences your mental health.

Sufficient exercise

Exercise reduces the risk of medical conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.
Adequate exercise also promotes mental health. Physical exertion
creates a satisfied feeling.


Society requires us to be “on” all the time. It is
important for your overall health to consciously take moments of relaxation. Whether you like sports, being creative, enjoying with your family or reading a book; everyone has their own way to relax

Choose help from nature

To achieve and maintain balance, adaptogenic herbs such as Jiaogulan, Rhodiola,
Ginseng and Ashwaganda can support you. Or try mushrooms such as Reishi
and Cordyceps.

Cleanse and detox

A good option may be to help your body by cleansing and detoxing.
Our entire range is aimed at making you feel and stay vital in a natural way.