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Qualitative, organic and holistic

But always tailor-made

Our range focuses mainly on natural products for Lyme disease. We also think it is very important to support people to be and stay healthy. This means that in addition to our basics, we also sell a wide range of high-quality (herbal) products that match other keys to a healthy life, such as Vitality and Wellbeing.

We want to continue to distinguish ourselves through our personal attention to customers, our special range and self-developed products.

Green Vitality represents

Green vitality is more than just a lifestyle; it is a recognition of the inestimable value of nature. By living in harmony with the natural world, we can improve our well-being on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual. At the same time, we care for the planet we call home.

At Green Vitality we strive for one simple goal: helping you take control of your health. Our approach is based on the power of herbs and the natural world. We believe that these powerful sources can support and strengthen us, and help us stay healthy and vital. With our products and approaches we want to inspire you to reconnect with nature and promote your own well-being.

We achieve this by applying the following principles:  

  • Quality: 100% naturally pure and high-quality tinctures and other herbal products
  • Sustainability: as much organic as possible
  • Holistic: with attention to the entire person and nature
  • Accessible: power from the simplicity  
  • Personal: personalized customer service   
  • Innovative: pioneer in treating and healing Lyme disease