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How the Teasel inspired us

Our story

The basis of Green Vitality started in 2013. Willem Jacobs, together with Paul de Kruijff, researched possibilities for the natural treatment of Lyme Disease. This is because Paul's mother, the artist Elle van de Hulsbeek, could not tolerate regular medication. They started looking for alternatives to cure this relatively 'new' Lyme disease. At that time, hardly anything was known about contracting Lyme and its treatment.

The search soon resulted in a practical solution. Many thousands of people have now benefited from this. Experience has shown that Lyme can now be effectively treated with the teasel tinctures that we have developed. A special holistic methodology was created based on the power of nature. The Kaardebol thus became the inspiration for the name Kaardeshop, which has since been changed to Green Vitality.

It started with the Kaardeshop

With the establishment of Kaardeshop in 2013, this was taken to a higher level. Many people have been helped since then. They have found recognition and acknowledgment at the Kaardeshop. It is fair to say that Kaardeshop was one of the pioneers in the treatment of Lyme disease in Europe. In recent years, Kaardeshop has grown into an expert in the field of herbal products. The range has now been greatly expanded and is appreciated by a loyal customer base.

2024: Kaardeshop becomes Green Vitality

When one of the founders passed away, this became a moment to develop a new vision. Together with the team of employees, we saw an opportunity to make the company future-proof. New technical options make it easier to reach people at home and abroad with our products. In order to innovate towards a sustainable future, we want to continue to build on the foundation of the founders.

Green Vitality

The starting point for the new name is a name that makes it clear at once what we stand for. A name that well reflects the experience of Green Vitality products in all European countries. We believe in green vitality. Nature offers us everything we need to be in balance. More and more people are looking for control over their lifestyle. The power of herbs contributes to harmony between body, soul and spirit.

In this spirit, all our herbal products are grown sustainably and organically and we only work with natural ingredients.

Green Vitality focuses on Europe

We see half of our customer base expanding to Europe and beyond. They have also found with us the products and commitment that support their health in the right way. Knowing that the demand for pure, natural and organic herbal products is growing, we decided to take a new path. The starting point for our family business was a name that makes it clear at once what we stand for in all European countries where our products are used. Green Vitality stands for Green Vitality.

Green Vitality

Everything we do at Green Vitality has a simple goal: to help you take control of your health. We do this inspired by what nature offers us.

The origin

The logo is based on one of the works of art by Elle van de Hulsbeek, a refined and deeply feeling artist. Her style is characterized by the power of simplicity. The interplay of lines reflects both simplicity and complexity, but above all represents the connection. Body, heart, soul and spirit are inextricably linked and move through each other. Green Vitality is proud to use this work of art in its brand experience. For us it feels like the circle has come full circle by taking her into the new chapter of the online store in this way.

Our philosophy

Our logo exactly reflects the core of Green Vitality. It reflects our deep-seated connection with the natural world. The brand image depicts the perpetual movement from inside to outside and back in again, harmonious and organic. It paints an inner picture; we are an inseparable part of nature and cosmos, in which we can find mental and physical strength.