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Vitality is life force, well-being and life energy


Vitality refers to the feeling of liveliness that allows you to participate in life with enthusiasm. You feel vital when there is balance on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
Every person is unique and has their own path to follow. That is why the path to vitality and health is different for every person. You can also say it differently: The connection between your body, head, heart and soul is important to feel vital and balanced.

Do you have control over your vitality?

It is important to see how you influence your vitality. It is influenced by several factors including lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels and social interactions. In other words, most of your vitality is determined by your lifestyle. Factors such as diet, smoking, alcohol and drug use, exercise, relaxation and sleep. Work-related factors also play an important role: your income, workload and the balance between private and work. In addition, your character and who you are as a person has a lot of influence. How do you approach life, how do you deal with challenges, what are your thoughts, do you have self-reflection? And don't forget your surroundings; social network, family and friends.

Would you like to promote your vitality naturally?

Promoting vitality often requires a holistic approach, looking at all aspects of life and how they influence each other. This may include adopting healthy eating habits.
But regular exercise and sufficient rest and sleep also help considerably. Effectively managing your moments of stress also contributes to natural improvement. In addition, maintaining positive relationships and pursuing personal growth and development is important.

Herbs and plants can also play a role in supporting vitality. Some herbs are known for their ability to increase energy, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system and promote overall well-being. By combining a healthy lifestyle with the correct use of herbs and plants, for example. Then you can improve your vitality and live a life rich in energy, resilience and zest for life. We call this Green Vitality.

Green vitality

The earth, everything that lives, the seed growing into a plant, flower and tree – is animated. And in addition to what you can physically observe, just like humans, it also contains life force and energy. Ultimately, with our ordinary eye we see very little of what really constitutes and moves “the living”. As humans, we are inextricably linked to nature. We are part of nature. It is our belief that this connection with nature also helps us find solutions when there is imbalance or illness. The power of herbs and plants helps us feel and stay healthy and vital.