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The life force of herbs helps us move forward

Green Vitality

What do we mean by Green Vitality?

The power of herbs and plants helps us feel and stay healthy and vital.

The earth, everything that lives, the seed growing into a plant, flower and tree – is animated. And in addition to what you can physically observe, just like humans, it also contains life force and energy. Ultimately, with our ordinary eye we see very little of what really constitutes and moves “the living”. As humans, we are inextricably linked to nature. We are part of nature. It is our belief that this connection with nature also helps us find solutions when there is imbalance or illness.

The life force of herbs helps us with our own life force. That is why it is very important for Green Vitality that our herbal products are of the purest and highest quality possible (organic or biodynamic). Because when the herbs have been able to grow as naturally as possible, they also possess the most life force and healing substances.

Green vitality is about recognizing the inestimable value of nature. Our well-being can improve by living in harmony with nature. It's an approach that can help nourish and strengthen your body, mind and soul. All while taking care of the planet we call home.

How does green vitality work?

Green vitality is a concept that emphasizes the connection between vitality and the natural world around us. It embraces the idea that a healthy relationship with nature is essential for promoting our own well-being and vitality. What does that look like in practice?

Natural food

Green vitality starts with nourishing our bodies with nutritious foods that come straight from nature. By eating fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and herbs, we provide our body with the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally.

Movement in nature

Exercise in the outdoors is important. Think of walking, cycling, gardening or just enjoying a day in the park. It can all contribute to our physical health and improve our well-being. The fresh air, natural environment and sunlight all contribute to our vitality and energy levels.

Healing herbs and plants

Using herbs and plants as part of our daily lives can contribute to our overall health and vitality. Many plants have medicinal properties that can strengthen our immune system, reduce stress, support our digestion and promote our overall well-being.

Ecological awareness

Green vitality also means that we consciously manage our impact on the environment. We do not want to deplete the Earth's natural resources. We do this by making sustainable choices. We recycle, save energy and reduce our consumption. We hope to contribute more and more every day to the preservation of the natural world for future generations.

Connection with nature

Cultivating a deep connection with nature can improve our mental health. Do this by spending time in nature, meditating, reflecting and becoming aware of your surroundings. This way we can find inner peace and feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.