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Fight, Detox and Build

You may have been unexpectedly confronted with a tick bite and Lyme disease. Major and distressing for those who are familiar with this difficult-to-treat disease. Especially if you are too late with antibiotics and you are forced to experiment with regular treatment.

At Green Vitality, many people benefit from the approach we advocate every year. Every year we receive enthusiastic messages from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Spain and beyond. People who use our products for Lyme therefore like to share their personal experiences.

Experience is that Lyme can be treated effectively. There is a special holistic methodology based on the power of nature. For example, by using the tinctures from Teasel in combination with our broad approach.

The Green Vitality method for Lyme

For detailed information, we recommend that you read the booklet “Healing Lyme naturally” by Willem Jacobs (one of the founders of our online store). Here you will find a clear explanation and advice about Lyme disease. About the natural path to healing and what you may encounter along the way. A nice book in which our approach is discussed in detail. You will also find information about which herbal products are relevant for the treatment of Lyme disease.

We divide our approach into three parts: Fight, Detox and Build. In this complete method, the three parts form a whole and reinforce each other. You therefore cannot see them separately, unless otherwise indicated by a therapist or doctor.

Through the method we support the recovery process and promote healthy balance and vitality.

To fight

Specific herbs can help combat the Borrelia bacteria (and co-infections). But also in strengthening your immune system and supporting those organs that need it with Lyme. If you want to see whether the results are going in the right direction, you will have to exchange the herbal products with a comparable product every 6-8 weeks. When using, pay attention to a possible Herxheimer reaction: if you experience a (strong) worsening of the complaints, this may mean that many toxins are released. In that case, take a step back and make sure you continue to actively remove the toxins from the body. In such a case, always consult your supervising doctor or therapist.


Minerals such as Zeolite and Bentonite help your body detoxify and remove waste products and toxins such as borrelia toxins and heavy metals. The products also help deacidify your body, which is very important with Lyme. There are also many herbs that, like minerals, make a strong contribution to detoxification. Read more about detoxification and waste removal here.

Build up

Becoming and staying healthy is related to several factors that are important in building your health and vitality.

Eat regularly and choose well-balanced meals. Eat healthy and diverse. Also take into account the nutritional value and origin of the products. You do this by:

* Taking fresh dairy

* Not too much sweets (sugar)

* Do not overcook vegetables

* Eat whole grain products every day

* Eat fresh unsprayed fruit and vegetables

* Drink a lot, if possible herbal tea and mineral water

* Not too much meat, preferably fish or something made from legumes now and then

It is important that your food is prepared with care and eaten calmly. With diseases such as Lyme disease, it is often necessary to supplement the diet with many vitamins, fibers, minerals, amino acids and, if possible, also with antioxidants and other valuable plant substances.


With our diet and way of life we ​​can both burden and stimulate the self-healing capacity of our body. For example, smoking, alcohol use, drugs and excessive stimulation from media equipment burden our body. If you are ill with Lyme, it is important to limit and/or stop these habits. Agitation, too little rest and sleep also have a debilitating effect. In conditions where the immune system is weak (such as Lyme), it is very important not to weaken the immune system further because there is no reserve. Therefore, take a critical look at your eating habits and lifestyle. If there are (too) many points to work on, remember that you cannot tackle everything at once. With small steps you can better persevere towards real change.


Generally speaking, exercise is good for you, but especially with Lyme it is important to exercise. Think of activities that warm your body and loosen it up. Do this regularly so that you build up fitness. Performance isn't important, but sweating and getting tired is fine. For example walking, cycling or swimming. Sports and activity are beneficial for 'getting strong again' and increasing resistance. This improves your immunity. Precisely because the Lyme bacteria like to live in stiff and cold places in the body. That is why it is important to make the body flexible, active, warm and mobile. In a vital and active body, Lyme disease simply feels less at home.


What a Lyme patient must certainly avoid in the environment is contact with environmentally harmful substances, especially substances that contain heavy metals. Our immune system normally ensures that we are not exposed to harmful influences from our environment. We can also activate or stimulate our own immune system by going out and doing things. This provides a healthy balance between “inside” and “outside”. A long walk in nature, an outing or a holiday in a different environment stimulates our immunity and our 'limits' to the outside world. This can also be stimulated through meeting and exchange in social and artistic activities.


For any method to become vital, you must have the will to improve. The herbal products from Green Vitality are an aid on the road to vitality. The stronger your motivation to 'overcome' the better. Green Vitality has uniquely composed packages with pure natural basic products in its range. These packages can also be used if there is a suspicion of infection. Because prevention is better than cure. In addition to the Lyme packages and products, Green Vitality has a wide range of natural products for your resistance/immune system, vitality and your well-being.

We wish you lots of vitality!