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Een vitale start

A vital start

Spring is the ideal time for cleansing and detoxifying your body

Spring is a wonderful time when the light slowly increases again, the sap flows from trees start and the first flowers and sprouts appear. It gives us energy to move along in a new cycle of the year.

What if you suffer from fatigue and don't feel completely fit? Or would you like to shake off the winter and clean up to start the new year clean and fresh?

This time is ideally suited to cleansing or detoxifying your body. Cleansing starts with drinking plenty of water and herbal tea, exercising and eating healthy. Detoxing consists of two phases: releasing the waste or toxins and then removing them.

Green Vitality has various products in its range for this purpose

During the winter months our body slows down and wants to conserve heat and energy. As a result, the detoxifying organs, such as the liver and kidneys, can also become a bit sluggish and then accumulate waste products and fats. Spring plants and herbs contain bitter substances and many vitamins and minerals. These ensure that your digestion and detoxifying organs are stimulated. Nature itself indicates which herbs and flowers are good for you in spring. Take for example:

# soup or tea made from the first nettle tops
Nettles are a source of iron, vitamins, minerals such as silicon and trace elements. Nettle works as a diuretic.

# Petals and young leaves of the Dandelion in your salad
Dandelion is bitter and has a strong cleansing effect on the liver, bile, kidney and bladder.

# Pesto from Wild Garlic (garlic family)
Wild garlic helps your body get going again and regain strength due to its (blood) cleansing properties and vitamins/minerals.

Other liver and detox herbs include Milk Thistle, Coriander, Turmeric and Celandine.

These herbs are very easy to take and dose in tincture form.

Cleaning and regeneration

The products Liver Bitter and Liver Clean help with cleansing and regeneration of the liver. The liver is the most important detoxification organ. When the body is burdened with waste and toxins, such as an infection or accumulation, the liver has a hard time and you can feel very tired.

In order to recover, the liver mainly needs bitter substances. Liver Bitter and Liver Clean are concentrated, small-scale organic herbal preparations produced from organic cane sugar molasses and bitter herbs. Liver bitter contains four Ayurvedic liver bitter herbs: Kalmegh, Neem, Haritaki and Shatavari. Liver Bitter has two versions: our “regular” Liver Bitter and Liver Bitter Strong with twice as many herbs. The taste of liver bitter is sweet and strongly bitter. If you like sal ammoniac, you will definitely appreciate and like this flavor.

We also have Leverschoon. It contains four European herbs that are known for their liver cleansing and supporting effect: Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Artichoke Root, Burdock Root. Also based on molasses. Compared to Leverbitter, Leverschoon tastes a bit milder and sweeter.

TIP: You can also find the liver herbs separately in our store to mix yourself with a sweetener, cottage cheese or smoothie.

What can bitter substances in our liver bitter products do for you?

Bitter substances are very important and unfortunately nowadays much less present in our diet than in the past. By eating or ingesting bitter substances, the bitter receptors in the taste buds in your mouth are stimulated. The vagus nerve (cranial nerve) picks up the stimulation and sends signals to various organs. This increases the production of saliva, gastric juices, bile, pancreatic juices and intestinal juices. The bitter substances also activate the liver, bile and pancreas, making them function better. Because the bitter substances activate the digestive juices and intestinal function, an optimal intestinal flora is created. This is the basis for a well-functioning immune system.

How do I use Liver Bitter and Liver Clean?

  • You can use the standard dosage:

½ teaspoon in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach)

½ teaspoon early afternoon

½ teaspoon before dinner and possibly also ½ teaspoon before going to bed.

You can take a little more of the regular liver bitters, a little less of the strong.

  • You can also look for the right dosage yourself. Pay attention to how your body reacts. Sometimes your body really needs bitter substances, so you can take a little more. Sometimes the body feels liver-bitter and it is good to take a break every now and then.

Removal of waste

You can use Zeolite, Bentonite or Chlorella (a freshwater algae) to remove it through your intestines.We recommend this when you are detoxing, because released toxins in the intestines are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, creating a vicious circle and causing you to continue to have complaints.

Zeolite is a 100% natural volcanic clay mineral and has the ability to bind toxins and waste products. Zeolite ensures detoxification + detoxification + removal + deacidification and regulation of the body. That is why it can also be used very well on its own.

In our webshop you will find ZeoliteMED and Premium Zeolite.

ZeoliteMED is a certified medical product and consists of ground clinoptilolite zeolite. Premium Zeolite - our house brand - is ultra-finely ground zeolite of high purity.

Bentonite has many similarities with Zeolite. One of the differences is that Bentonite forms a jelly-like protective film, which makes the effect 'softer'. It is therefore suitable as an initial phase of detoxification, especially in very sensitive people. (For example, in case of sensitivity of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract and intestines). In addition to BentonietMED, we also have our own brand.

Annelies Hendriks