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What do our customers say?

I would like to express my deep satisfaction with the products I received. I am extremely satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of these natural remedies. In particular, I'm grateful for all you do for people who really need these products! It's heartwarming and thanks again for the dedication of your team.
Arjen - Drachten
I would like to compliment the employees. I was given very good advice. The booklets I received are very clear and informative and give me confidence in the approach I have now chosen. Really glad I met you.
Mia - Groningen
I have been living in the woods for several years now and got a tick bite there. I really felt endlessly tired and lethargic. With your products I have entered a more stable phase and am now also busy adjusting my lifestyle. Using supplements such as your Chlorella helps me with this. I feel much fitter! Can recommend it to everyone
Dominic - Ermelo
I have been buying Jiaogulan tea at Green Vitality for years. First on the advice of my orthomolecular therapist. It is a fantastic tea for relaxation and it also has a lot of health benefits. That is why I always serve it to my clients in my acupuncture practice. I regularly advise my clients to drink this tea at home!
Mayke - Nijmegen